Click & Push Accessibility Inc.

We are a wheelchair accessibility mapping service that enables users to engage with their community without the fear of difficult terrain.

Get around town without worry

Cracked & tilted sidewalks, unshovelled lanes, potholes, and steep curbs—we see them all, and now you can too.

We collect all this information, coupled with an exertion difficulty score collected by real people in real wheelchairs, and compile it into a map you can confidently use to plan and get around.

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Collect the data

Use our cross-platform data collection app in conjuction with certified exertion monitors to collect accessibility data, and share it with the world.

Winners of the 2018 Edmonton HealthHack

Click & Push Accessibility Inc. placed first in the competition of 5 finalists and over 30 intial proposals for “improving our four health indicators of mental health, physical health, social health and economic health.”

Congratulations to all who participated in this competition!

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