It's time to go cycling

Strap Sagitta onto your bike,
Switch on The Atlas, and
Let’s get riding!

Exertion Mapping

Whether you are a new cyclist or an experienced one, you will be able to tell if you have the capability to hit a trail or not. Track your efforts each time you ride to see if you are becoming more efficient!

Barrier Reporting

Most cyclists have experienced the frustrations of going outside only to find obstacles or dead ends that force you to turn around. Report from your device and allow other users to be made aware of these kinds of barriers.

Activity Monitoring

Sagitta has the capability to track speed, distance, power, and energy output over time for the individual. Allowing you to better monitor your activity levels throughout the day.

What Our users are saying

I love the easy device pairing, the simple and user friendly design, and the long battery life. It's exciting that Sagitta is so versatile and inclusive.


I am proud to support the work C&P is doing as they try to make our communities more accessible for all by identifying and working to break down the many barriers to participation that exist in our environments.