Photo of a group of people on bikes, hand cycles, and wheelchairs riding on the bike path.

Exertion Mapping

Worried about over exerting yourself and causing a shoulder injury? Sagitta has the capability to track over exertion efforts to help you prevent future injuries.

Barrier Reporting

Frustrated with barriers that get in the way of getting you to your destination? Report them on The Atlas! With crowdsourced data, you can also look ahead to see if you will roll into any issues.

Activity monitoring

Activity monitors these days are not designed specifically for wheelchair users. Let Sagitta be the device that tracks all your information for you. This includes speed, distance, power, and energy output.

What Our users are saying

Whether a sidewalk is under construction or snow hasn’t been removed, these obstacles create anxiety that further leads to isolation in fear of being caught somewhere helpless. Being warned ahead of time of these obstacles could be tremendously helpful.

Zachary Weeks

Graphs, numbers and evidence will further advocate for those who are often overlooked when considering accessibility. This device has the opportunity to enhance the quality of life of those who experience disability and difficulty travelling.

Bean Gill