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Both manual wheelchair users and bikers experience accessibility challenges

By purchasing a sagitta, you help your community

Sagitta is an activity monitor. The device can track speed, distance, power, and energy output over time. 



Download The Atlas on your phone to access maps and your Sagitta data. These maps allow cyclist and wheelchair users to assess how difficult it would be to travel from point A to B.


1. Strap Sagitta on

Sagitta attaches to any wheeled device between the spokes on a wheel. It comes along for the ride as it tracks the dynamic data. 

Two people are biking on a pathway in the trees.

2. Switch on the atlas

The Atlas, a mobile application paired to Sagitta, will allow users to see their activity progress throughout the day, decide on new routes, and discover potential barriers. 

Someone holding a phone with the mapping application open.

3. and go

Data collected from users with Sagitta can be fed back into our online database and used to crowdsource exertion maps. Users will be able to use the data to get from point A to B with ease.

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Wheelchair user

Our community partners say:

Real time conditions

"The biking community would value real time condition reports, especially those who commute or are novice bikers."

If I knew the conditions outside in the winter, I would feel more confident wheeling to school on my own."

Exertion mapping

"Bikers don't have a cheap option to obtain this type of data."

"There are different needs for wheelchair users and bikers, this type of data could make it more user friendly based on individual capabilities."

Accessibility information

"Accessibility information involves everyone; surface conditions, unsafe hazards, pot holes, construction, elevator outages, curb cuts, etc, etc."

"It shouldn't be up to us to call in barriers every time, this would make it easy to keep reporting."

Activity monitoring

"People could better manage their health with this type of objective data."

"Advocating for their own health needs would be so much easier with objective data."